Most luxurious aircraft in the world

Most luxurious aircraft in the world

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After the aircraft was invented humanity has been busy understanding fly to renew with more speed and technology. The word luxury is the standard aircraft. Some airlines even go a step further. A top 7 most luxurious aircraft
Photo: Emirates
Wed 17 Jun 2015 14:19

Most luxurious aircraft in the world

After the aircraft was invented humanity has been busy understanding fly to renew with more speed and technology. The word luxury is the standard aircraft. Some airlines even go a step further. A top 7 most luxurious aircraft.

1. Etihad Airways

The airline takes luxury to new heights, in addition to comfortable economy class, you can hire your own plane in this suite. You’ll get no less than 12 square meters for yourself available. The suite consists of a living room with flat screen TV and of course its own minibar. This includes a double bed with box spring, it is in another room.During your flight will be assisted by your own butler and chef.

First class with Etihad AirwaysFirst class Etihad AirwaysPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

2. Emirates

No more problems with fellow passengers who sit beside you and take away space. At Emirates get to the first class your own luxury cabin. Hand luggage is brought to you by one of the flight attendants. Upon the entry of your own cabin you’ll be greeted with a drink and your favorite newspaper. You have two plasma TVs with touchscreen. The seat also folds out as a bed. Emirates also has the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380.

Photo: Emirates

3. Singapore Airlines

You sleep literally in the clouds. This company provides you with your own private bedroom, complete with minibar and flat. The bedroom also has a private shower. So you come completely fresh to destination.

Photo: The Daily Mail

4. All Nippon Airways

The first class of aircraft from All Nippon Airways looks at first glance a bit typical, but is totally equipped with all the luxury. Each passenger has his own leather chair surrounded by a small wall to create privacy. The food is both western and oriental, of course sushi. The chair is to form a bed and each passenger receives his own slippers and pajamas.

All Nipon AirwaysAll Nipon AirwaysPhoto: Flickr

5. Cathay Pacific Airways

Even with Cathay Pacific Airways you get your own cabin. This is complete with a seat which is to form a bed of up to two meters long. With integrated touch screen allows you to change everything in your suite. From chair to enlightenment. For entertainment, you can of course use your own 17-inch flat screen TV. Women get on board each flight own designer beautybag with travel products. Men naturally have a designer travel bag.

Photo: Cathay Pacific

6. Qatar Airways

In their own words provides Qatar Airlines most luxurious first class in the air. Only eight first grade there may come a flight aboard. Each first grader will get a 81-inch seat complete with its own LED television and Wifi. Dishes are at the five-star level.Anyone outside his own cab can do to have fun in the luxurious lounge. The bartenders on board make any beverage of your choice and also serve as a good interlocutor.

Super service with Qatar AirwaysSuper service with Qatar AirwaysPhoto: Flickr

7. TAM

The appearance of this first class is definitely different than the rest of the list but certainly not the least. The industrial design has been designed by the Priestmangoode studios with the theme ” home away from home ”. The comfort of home, used in an airplane. Across every seat is a bench integrated so passengers can choose to sit together. Also, each seat has its own compartment and a private locker to store personal belongings. The design was introduced in late 2012.

First class at TAMFirst class at TAMPhoto: